Hi, this is me

"The function of good software is to make the complex appear to be simple.”

(Grady Booch)

I'm a young aspiring software-engineer who's passion is writing high quality code. I love takeling highly complex tasks and breaking them down into small pieces of reusable code.

My other passions include IT-Security, playing and extending Minecraft and making music.

What I do

Have a look at my CV to find out about all of my projects. For the lazy ones here's some examples:


I've written some libraries to interact with a running minecraft server using the RCON protocol.


Some examples of what can be achieved with these libraries.

drawing with minecraft and imagick from gries grieson on Vimeo.

Minecraft + phps MControl - Scan + Rebuild Biomes from gries grieson on Vimeo.

minecraft live browser drawing demo from gries grieson on Vimeo.


A library to do basic calculation base-pokemon. Basically a Pokemon number-system. The whole thing is based on my number-system library.


use gries\Pokemath\Numbers\Ivysaur;
use gries\Pokemath\Numbers\Jigglypuff;

// big calculation
$jiggly = new Jigglypuff();
$wiggly = new Wigglytuff();

echo $jiggly->multiply($wiggly)->value()."\n"; // -> ivysaur-chespin

// expression parsing
$calculator = new \gries\Pokemath\PokeCalculator();

$expression = '(ivysaur + ivysaur) * ivysaur#ivysaur';
$result = $calculator->calculate('(ivysaur + ivysaur) * ivysaur#ivysaur');

echo $result->value(). '('.$result->asDecimalString().")\n";      
// -> (1 + 1) * 701 = venusaur#venusaur(1402)


"ENTON!" - Enton